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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, privacy-protected, ad-free social network built for civic action.
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Most of the same features you’d expect from a social site. Connect with your friends, join groups, like stuff. And with the click of a button crosspost to Twitter and Facebook.

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The Democracy Machine for all of us. Together. We can. was started at the end of 2016 by George Polisner, Golda Velez and Adam Lake.

Since the Reagan era worker wages flattened and American economic policy created massive income and wealth inequality.

Then, the Citizens United vs. FEC decision has allowed money to rapidly corrupt American democracy.

We created as a platform for all of us to work together to overcome the corrupting influence of money in politics. Together we can address bad policy, legislation and hold all of our elected officials accountable. For democracy to work -our government must represent "We the People". Together. We can.

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The founding Team

George Polisner

Executive Director
The resident old guy on the team, with more than 30 years of development and engineering experience in the tech industry, George brings his extensive background in corporate social behavior to the field of participatory democracy.

Golda Velez

Chief Architect
Golda has worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Oracle, and other major enterprises and startups to direct complex projects, programs, and teams. She lends her rocket scientist mind to building our visually compelling, easy-to-use, privacy-protected social network.

Adam Lake

Politics Uncorrupter
Adam continues to promote civic cooperation, empowerment, and engagement as he has since his early days as a young Virginia Tech. student. His ideas and vision as a disruptor of the conventional actively help shape the concept.

We are an innovation oriented company led by a seasoned group of professionals having experience in diverse technologies and platforms.

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