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Connect with friends, family, neighbors, and others. Use like any social network. Share your insights, photos, news, and links.


Respectful conversations across diverse perspectives to build understanding, collaboration, and to define the outcomes we want for our future and for generations yet to come.


Produce a set of one or more effective civic actions that can codify the outcomes we want for our neighborhood, community, State/Local, and Federal government.

The team

Because there's no "I" in team.

George A. Polisner

Executive Director

George combines more than 30 years of development and engineering experience at Oracle, HP, Dell, and the State of California, with an extensive background in ESG and organizing behavior.

Golda Velez

CTO & Board Member

Golda has worked for JPL, Oracle, and other major enterprises and startups to direct complex projects, programs, and teams. She is deeply involved in human rights efforts worldwide.

People are talking about

And we like what they have to say.
Professor Noam Chomsky

Professor Noam Chomsky

Writer & Father of Modern Linguistics

"It is a great pleasure to welcome It’s a wonderful idea, with great promise to provide a platform for meaningful civic action without the severely distorting interference of concentrated power, private or state. is insulated from the forces that have been so destructive of functioning democracy and is readily available for the kinds of constructive use that are so badly needed today."

Jed Emerson

Jed Emerson

Chief Impact Officer, AlTi Tiedemann Global

"Was interested to see this new offering from our colleague, George Polisner, Civic Works, a social media platform for activists and promoted here: Good to see!"

Colleen Hardwick

Colleen Hardwick

CEO, PlaceSpeak Inc.

"Civ.Works is the product of very similar thinking to PlaceSpeak in that it seeks to authenticate the online civic engagement process with the objective, ultimately, to build trust in democracy. I met Civ.Works founder, George Polisner, after he famously resigned from Oracle in protest to its CEO joining Trump’s technology caucus. His courage and the strength of his convictions are evident in the creation of Civ.Works. Together, we are stronger in combining our compatible efforts in Canada and the United States, which has the potential to expand to other democracies and globally."

Contact us

Civic Works, 501c3 Non Profit Organization                          Civic Works Corp., A Public Benefit Corporation            3705 W. Pico Blvd., STE 660, Los Angeles, CA 90019        Or email: george at civ dot works.