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Now more than ever is the time for change. Our population shows great divides but it doesn’t have to stay that way. It’s time we start looking out for each other. Our voices matter, but so do our actions. Make sure they count.

What we’re
doing is a social networking platform centered around connecting those of us most interested in shaping America’s future. It’s a place for people across the political spectrum to move beyond petitions to take real steps toward change. empowers you to find and discuss the issues most important to you. Then our database provides guidance on how to make tangible moves together—in communities of caring and committed people like yourself, united to make your voices heard.


By joining, you can affect policy from the ground up and begin to dismantle systemic obstacles to direct large-scale political and economic action.

Who’s on board


The resident old guy on the team, with more than 20 years of development and engineering experience in the tech industry, George brings his extensive background in corporate social behavior to the field of participatory democracy.


Golda has worked for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Oracle, and other major enterprises and startups to direct complex projects, programs, and teams. She lends her rocket scientist mind to building our visually compelling, easy-to-use, privacy-protected social network.


Adam has promoted civic cooperation, empowerment, and engagement since his early days as a Virginia Tech student. His ideas and vision as a disruptor of the conventional actively help us shape the concept.

Change is coming.
Let’s work
together to make
it happen.

Join us and become part of our growing, caring community. Or consider making a tax-deductible contribution, and help us build the next phase of the platform.