Civic Works is splitting into two entities. Our 501c3 non-profit organization began in 2017. Beginning in 2023, the non-profit work will be directed toward acquiring and producing important educational content such as short-form media, helping our subscribers understand complex societal issues related to civics, economics, voting rights, and other key areas.

In 2023 we formed a new Delaware-based Public Benefit Corporation.
Civic Works Corporation is now working on a small seed investment round (see
We maintain the same ad-free, privacy-protected in both the non-profit and the newly formed Public Benefit Corporation. We do not sell or share any subscriber data with external entities.

The technology that has been created for the web, iOS, and Android will now be maintained, operated, and extended by Civic Works Corporation.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the offering. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions:

  • How will you make money?
    A: Our main source of revenue will be from our paid subscribers. We will charge $5 per month for complete use of the technology.
    (Think “Netflix for Democracy -but without the SAG/AFTRA strike).
    Those who register on the platform via the Web, Apple Store (iOS), or Google Play (android). While we don’t expect to gain 70,000 subscribers in our first day of our public launch (similar to other platforms like Mastodon,, or Bluesky recently) we will provide a stable, ad-free experience that is built for an important societal purpose. Therefore, as we grow, we will direct our subscriber revenue toward our ongoing operations, cloud/hosting expenses, administration, retiring this small seed round of debt-based financing, and a portion of the revenue stream will be paid to the non-profit for the licensing of the original technology (which will keep the non-profit active and growing in capability as well). There are other revenue opportunities we intend to pursue, such as in recurring geo-location/validation of a subscriber.
  • Who are your competitors?
    Major social networking platforms such as Meta’s Facebook, and X/Twitter. While they dominate the market and are important, they continue to be problematic for their users. We see them losing market share over time due to our core embodiment of data privacy, and our positive public purpose.
  • Will there about future opportunities to invest?
    Our intent in this small seed round is to direct the funds we raise toward software development. This will address some important functionality we must implement before a full-scale public launch. Post-launch there may be a future opportunity for what is typically called a Series A round.
  • Are you currently collaborating with other organizations?
    Yes, we just signed a “Joint Development Agreement” with PlaceSpeak Inc. (See the press release at:
  • How will you attract registered subscribers?
    We plan to use existing social media, ask early adopters to help us spread the word with invites, and gain earned media attention due to our protection against selling or sharing subscriber data. Furthermore, as the active user population on Twitter/X continues to flee the platform due to extreme inconsistencies in implementing new policy and removing protections against disinformation, hate speech, and other offensive content, we believe there is a strong, cyclical, pent-up demand for an emerging platform like Civic Works.
  • You’ll just be one-side talking to itself?
    We hope not. We intend to build new methods to encourage respectful conversations between individuals and groups harboring different insights, perspectives, and experiences. We also hope to expand our leadership team with people representing different political ideologies -who all agree to put equity, justice, and democracy first. Beyond conversations, we will seek places where we all agree on outcomes.
  • What do you mean “agree on outcomes?”
    Here are some examples:
     Regardless of your political party:
  • Do you believe that people should have access to high-quality, efficiently delivered, affordable healthcare?
  • Do you prefer a clear blue sky instead of ashen grey or brown skies?
  • Do you think you should be able to turn on a tap and get safe, clear, good-tasting drinkable water for yourself and family?
  • Do you want to feel safe in your home, your neighborhood, your city, and when you travel?
  • In a volatile and challenging world is it important to equip the next generation with a high-quality education?
  • Do you want your tax dollars to be used for corruption and waste?
  • Do you want a strong and growing economy?

    These (and many more) questions are intended to rebuild societal agreements. We may not agree on how to achieve such outcomes, however, everything begins with societal agreement on outcomes.
    We intend to move beyond these agreements and provide our subscribers with effective action opportunities to achieve agreed-upon objectives. Beyond talk, action.