Democracy Moonshot

A Global Village of Innovation for a “Democracy Moonshot”.

We are a small group of innovators working to transform societies toward peaceful, collaborative co-existence built on a foundation of equality, justice, and democracy.

We are designing subscriber-supported digital spaces to facilitate respectful social interactions, a competition of ideas, leading to the formation of agreements across political divides that can be codified by coordinated civic and economic actions.

A core application, (the social networking pilot is in an early pilot phase with important features and functionality still being designed and built. The brief (two-minute animation above) provides an overview of our vision for the core civic social network.

Aside from capital, grants, and donations, we are also need software engineering and program expertise:

  • Engineering:
  • UI/UX design for web, iOS, and Android.
  • System architecture (performance optimization/scalability, security, resilience).
  • Devops.
  • Data Architects for Federation/Portability of subscriber/user data.
  • AI for conversational facilitation of subscriber to subscriber conflict resolution and formation of agreements.
  • Frontend iOS, Android, and web development, and database engineers.
  • Trusted journalists and news agencies for consuming news and informational content predicated upon facts, evidence, and science.
  • News fact-checking organizations to defend the platform from the spread of propaganda and disinformation.
  • Behavioral scientists to assist AI-based facilitation of conflict remediation and resolution, and the quality of subscriber platform interactions.
  • Marketing and Media Strategy expertise.
  • Economist to assist with a sustainable and international program-level model for a dynamic revenue sharing model across the ecosphere.
  • Academic, organizational, and community leadership to identify and/or construct educational content and locally-focused effective civic actions aligned with the formation of subscriber to subscriber agreements.
  • Video production for short-form educational media.
  • ESG expertise for the aggregation and normalization of data to inform consumer demand.
  • Country/Regional Managers to leverage the platform technology and build autonomously federated capability aligned with a country and/or regional localizations, culture, languages, political, and economic structures.
  • Legislative analysts to identify dynamic political, civic, and economic actions and their efficacy.

For more information contact: george at civ dot works: here

Civic Works is a US-based 501c3 Non-Profit organization.